CSV File Checker

Importing contacts into Hubspot? Start here! Simply upload your CSV file and let us validate the data for you. We will check for common errors and issues in the data and then present the assessment to you for easy fixes. Avoid tedious data preparation, manual clean-up after you’ve imported, and vague error messages. We’ve got you covered so that you can move ahead with confidence in your Hubspot CSV file imports. For a quick and easy guide to prepping your data, along with some additional items to consider for ensuring data integrity, check out our article here.

What are we checking for:

If you need help importing your contacts into Hubspot, check out our CSV Import Wizard! This tool allows you to quickly and effectively consolidate your contact data from CSV files or from over 30 common tools you use, such as Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive and more. The CSV Import Wizard automates your field mappings, allows custom updating of existing records in Hubspot, and allows you to easily test and revert the imports you perform.